If Trump Gets a Second Term, this Country Deserves Everything It Gets

The fact that there is still support for this man as president by a quarter of the nation, and the fact that the wealthy and the media are beginning to pay for and slant the next election toward a second term, says that the United States as a collective governing body has consciously chosen to decimate its own Democracy and revert to an authoritarian government model.


It means that the Republican and Democratic parties have ceased and have blended into one authoritarian nation with Trump as its ruler. They will have abandoned all that the Constitution stands for including the Bill of Rights, and the checks and balances of the three branches and have agreed together to run the country from behind the lenses of corporate oligarchy using a stronger arm of social and racial oppression.

They have mutually regressed back into a white supremacist state of mind pushing the country toward another era of legalized white rule over people of color with the clear intent of systemized discrimination meant to support white citizens only. They will have literally sold the soul of the country and all the freedoms, liberty, and justice it once stood for, in exchange for more wealth, power, and another chance at racial superiority.

Within the fallen state of what America used to be, any concepts of good will toward men will be gone and any graces of God the country once claimed as the pillar of Democracy will be removed - not by the hand of God - but by the leaders of America itself. What will be left will no longer be recognizable as a civilized society, a sovereign nation, or a United States of America, but the residue of all those things collapsing under the darkness of hate, greed, and the violence in Trump Country.

Poverty will rise but go unreported. So will violence in the streets, vigilante rule, violent race clashes and police brutality. Organized crime will rise within the highest offices of government as sanctioned discrimination against citizens and federally-funded business fraud and oppression of the consumer increase. Both will be accepted and even praised by a newly appointed, state-run news media in a twisted sense of reality, (imagine 6 Fox News stations going 24/7), and the current media will be dismantled. All remaining citizens from the fallen nation will be voiceless, ignored, and persecuted.

Domestic violence will rise behind mass shootings as a result of open carry and a celebrated gun culture. New illnesses will arise out of the current virus and many more people will die because of a concerted effort to withhold healthcare from the people, certain people. All the lies in the world will not be able to hide the collapsing economy because of incompetence, greed, and indifference toward front-line and service workers.

The social infrastructures that have traditionally upheld the foundation of the country such as social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance and other safety net programs designed to assist families, the elderly and the working poor, (the post office), public schools and universities, national parks, libraries, the arts and theater will all implode from withdrawal of federal and state tax funding. The churches will empty as more so-called Christian leaders become disillusioned and exercise unethical judgment erasing the lines between church and state diluting the meaning of God's laws of good and evil.

Hollywood, popular music and streaming and social media will decline further into a state of mind-numbing, brainwashing imagery. With the gloves of social ethics all the way off, the soft porn peddled now by these industries will become blatantly hard-core, inviting pedophilia, increased child and human sex trafficking, and underground markets of other horrific and inhumane abominations against humanity; all organized via social media campaigns from the living rooms and basements of the suburbs while law enforcement closes the eyes of justice only to focus on militarizing Black and brown communities.

Water, food, and air will definitely become dirtier yet unnoticed because of underreporting, thanks to little or no government regulation. New sicknesses will rise and people will die of new diseases, yes, white people too. Gated communities will rise with private policing and protection, while large swaths of urban, suburban, and rural communities fall to extreme poverty, slowly but surely. Deals will be made with foreign countries to sell parts of America so the wealthy can maintain their stocks. Wars will be fought but this time the homeland will be the battle ground.

A Message for white America

This message is a prophesy, not based on facts and statistics, but on truth and reality. If facts and statistics are needed, read or watch the news. There are ample facts and stats in the news that confirms everything written in this message. And then there is reality by way of how life is lived in every community. Facts reveal themselves through the demeaner of people seen every day. The attitudes, beliefs, and actions of people tell the story like no article can. The truth is, the United States has fallen from grace.

The consensus is in and everyone knows now; Trump wants to re-whiten the country by slowly persecuting and eliminating people of color in order to resurrect white supremacy. This is no secret any longer. But what does that actually mean for the white population? It means in this attempt he is consciously erasing God's laws of human nature and replacing it with how he sees the world and what he believes all other whites want the world to be.

He is eliminating Civil Rights and liberties, and replacing them with white rights and privilege. It means he has chosen to disregard not only traditions and norms that have made this country a multicultural melting pot and refuge for all people of the world, but disregard all laws of human nature and freedoms that are God-given to all people of the world. He has chosen to close off this country and build a white nation giving whites the right to take away the rights of others and to own those others for their own purposes.

There is no god in history that has sanctioned Trumps view of the world he wants, except for the gods of death and human suffering. This means the true God has been cast off and is not welcomed in this new dystopia. This means love is unwanted, which in turn empties the meaning of family and community. This means the desired quiet, secure places of suburbia and rural enclaves of America will become destitute of love, happiness, and prosperity whites believe people of color seek to take from them and destroy. In an ironic twist of fate, Trump is ordering the bleak and loveless future of white America.

American Christianity is over. God blessing America is gone. If there was any grace and blessing from God it was because the country cared for others around the world. Now that that care will be gone, nothing but curses lie ahead. With a thirst for gun violence, a longing for the death of people of color through sickness and poverty, a world based on the privilege of white wealth and Black poverty; a hate and vengeance against middle eastern people of another god, a wall blocking indigenous Hispanics and a military and paramilitary patrolling the streets of the new Trump Country, whites have ordered their own nihilation through the election of their king.

Any and all despair coming as a result of a second term will be deserving of this country and its white subjects. What they fail to realize is that since the first term, the country has dropped to a new moral low right before their eyes yet white supremacist blinders have disillusioned them to the realities that they themselves are worse off than they were before Trump. Only the wealthy has gained in finance and power, giving the wealthy more power over their lives. History shows that the results of a first presidential term does not reveal itself until the second term is in full swing.

What is awaiting white America in the second term is a serious wakeup call that once they have realized, will bring a soul-crushing remorse that will last for generations. The dreams and hopes for their children will have been drowned in the raging waters of a Godly vengeance on their world for 400 plus years of racial and hateful oppression of an innocent people. The beginning of this vengeance is being revealed now yet is gone unseen by white America thus far. White pride hides the truth and hate has stifled God's love. Right now, the truth is, every time Trump makes a move against people of color, God makes a move against white supremacy.