The Wealthy are Preparing the Country for a Second Trump Term

Like putting lipstick on a pig, the wealthy, using the media propaganda machine, is touching up the looks of Trump to pass off a halfway decent President to the country and world. They are dismissing some of the most heinous crimes and immoralities ever perpetrated on society in desperation of maintaining tax laws that benefit them and court orders and laws that satisfy white supremacist.

Not only does the wealthy benefit domestically, but also internationally as the United States continue to bully, pillage and plunder world resources and oppress weaker nations under their authoritarian choice of leaders. The overall agenda is to build wealth for oligarchs and inflate the egos of racists. If they have to lie about Trump's lies they will and if people have to get hurt or killed in the process, that is just too bad; it is the cost of doing hard core business.

The media dances around common sense questions and basic logic to ignore the atrocities done by this man and his greedy entourage only to encourage society to take note of the supposed good things he has done, such as the stock market, the economy and the low unemployment rate (all inflated). The strategy is all too simple to recognize because it apparently attempts to appeal to the lust and greed for money and power. And the uneducated, misinformed, low self-esteem followers of authoritarianism lap up the propaganda like dogs.

The majority of the people in the United States and world hate this man. He has done nothing for the average person that would suggest the tide is turning in favor of the working person or family. Health care remains extremely high, the police state is getting stronger, and the cost of living continues to outpace wages. And even if the struggle is at their front door, these people will support this man out of sheer spite, shame, and foolish pride.

It seems that regardless of what the people want and how many votes against this man to return to a somewhat true Democracy, the wealthy are not going to allow it to happen. They will pull out every gun they have and shoot through the 65 inch television screens at the ignorance of the public to convince them Trump is still their man. The media will lie, the Republicans will cheat, the religious right will blaspheme, and the Congress (Democrats and Republicans) will act like Trump's fall is coming real soon, right around the corner.

In fact, it is already happening because the more they praise this man the worse he gets, on his own accord.

Every lying headline teases the hopefuls proclaiming bombshells, and exclusives, and daming evidence, but nothing will ever climax in this badly made reality show. The wealthy are determined to keep their coffers full and the racist will continue to hate. And it is quite possible that he could actually kill someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it; the wealthy, the Republicans, and media, the racist, and the religious right will blow it off as self defense. They are already prepping the stage for that scene.

And even though it seems they may get away with this facade, there is a flaw in their strategy that will completely blow up in their face. Something they never took into consideration and that they never conceived could ever happen or that could break through their barriers of fortune and power and all the lies they make.

This something is what is called truth. Because their entire strategy is based on lies, deceit, misinformation and propaganda, they have left off any truth, despite how hard they try to dismiss the facts. The wrong being pushed onto an innocent society is far overdue for a Divine correction.

In fact, it is already happening because the more they praise this man the worse he gets, on his own accord. His inhumanity becomes more apparent and harder for the media to conceal and the more they try, the further they push the bomb to the point of explosion. Lies do not overpower truth and never has; and never will.

The wealthy are trying to manipulate destiny but have overstepped their bounds. They have become greedy in their rush go complete a fifty-year attempt to take over the United States government and capture the market. They have become extremely sloppy in the last few years of their reign and resorted to visible lying, cheating, and thievery. And as they continue, they are literally dismantling the foundation of the country and putting it to an open shame.

By the time they are done, the foundation of the country and all its patriotic glory and rich colonial history will be null and void and there will be no way to claim its authority in the face of the corruption. A shell of a country will and do already exist yet the people have yet to accept it as true. But that truth also will rise in power and all lies will bow to what always has been the ways of righteousness.