The Backlash of the Popular Vote in 2020: Brace for Revolution

Constant threats of Civil War, revolutions and uprisings of Trump-supporting vigilantes and home-grown militias taking to the streets if he is not reelected ring loud throughout the corporate and alternative media. Fear is pounded into the hearts of all those who oppose and dare go against the grain of white nationalism and their plan of authoritarian rule.

What is sad is that the corporate media is complacent in these threats to civil society and broadcast fear to the country with dire warnings of right-wing uprisings and revolts. Local and county police stand behind gun-toting masked rebels who march in a show of force through state capitals, cities and towns sending a clear message to all who oppose that their lives are in danger.

No one ever doubts the threats seeing they have executed the opposition in broad daylight; killing masses of people in grocery stores, on the streets, in churches, and any place they feel the need to enact vengeance on behalf of their fearless leader. And there is no doubt fear has gripped many people of color and the opposing political party who are deemed the enemy. No one is safe. Nevertheless, no one has considered flipping the coin to view the other side.

If Trump is reelected, there will be a cry heard as high as the heavens as a result of the same fear that has been pounded into millions of hearts. Here comes fight or flight. Not everyone is going to take flight; instead, millions are going to choose to fight; thus, blood in the streets is inevitable whether he wins or not. Those millions of people opposed to his leadership will know beyond a doubt that they have been played; the electorate is against them; and they will know it is all rigged for real.

The opposition will know and see, the day after the election, the horrors this man and the wealthy are capable of inflicting on a vulnerable people for no other reasons than hatred, greed and evil, and they will resort to a collective defense against brutality and violence in the form of brutality and violence. It will be a dark day in the country and all those who played the game of instilling fear into innocent people will face the natural law of an eye for an eye.

The popular vote will turn into an insurgent mob and the authorities will have an actual reason for doing their jobs. Illegal protest will become the new normal and the jails will fill and the workday offices will empty. Production will falter nationwide and a whole new slew of industries will emerge. Urban survival backpacks, hardware, batteries, facemask, and other supplies needed for everyday survival of a national war zone.

It will be too late for the remorse of media and political analysis, explanations and backpedaling, or any new policy proposals that will overturn the travesty of the reelection. There will be no time for Congress or the Senate to write, pass and enforce laws that will make things better, but only time for laws and policies that save people's lives, bring order to the social upheaval, and organize national forces that protect Congress and the Senate.

Yes, there will be a backlash from the public the last five generations have never seen. The public will not stand for another 4 years of not only a disruption of daily life, but an added touch of an evil dictator who does whatever he wants, when he wants, with support of the military and paramilitary police forces. People will get killed for sure, on both sides, and many will be pushed against a wall to choose between their lives, their families and their jobs.

What a sad day the corporate and political leadership has brought on this country. Yet it will be their just reward for four 1/2 years of fear-mongering, dark reality television and the gluttony for ratings. Reality will definitely set in and things will get ugly. And as slow and agonizing as the last four 1/2 years were to people who throw up at the sights and sounds of immorality, will be the slow and agonizing demise of those who put this man in power.