How 'FREE' became a Dirty Word in Capitalist America

Phrases such as "free handouts", "entitlements", and "nothing is free," have become common terms drilled into the minds of Americans as a way to maintain a strong work ethic. A work ethic that keeps people working hard for corporate America and turning their nose up to getting anything free. The catch however, is that in exchange, capitalist America can charge working people for any and everything, including things that are God-given.

Contrary to corporate indoctrination, there are things that are free; given to us by the earth for matters of necessity and survival. Air, water, food and shelter are free along with any action associated with either of the above that a human being would need. For instance, fruit grows on trees for free, and if the fruit tree is beside a person's home, it is their human duty to allow others to eat from that tree because property rights are man-made, not God-given.

When people began to charge others to eat from the tree, the marketplace was born. Bartering came first when people traded goods for goods, and those goods acquired value in the marketplace. Wealth was measured by how many goods a person had and what and how much they could purchase or trade in exchange for those goods. Life developed based on that principle and evolved into what we have today, free-market capitalism.

However, Capitalism is a different beast than the original marketplace. Capitalism is more of a predator than a service to humanity. Those who operate capitalist ventures charge for any and everything they can get their hands on; even the God-given goods and services that were naturally offered to humanity. Charge, however, is an understatement; they overcharge and overprice more often than not. They gouge, extort, and exact usury upon people to use the goods of the earth. Not only that, but it is they who set the base prices for raw materials and determine what the market value will be, giving them charge over all the resources of the earth.

Since we no longer live in the early days of the marketplace, we have to adapt to the ways of the current world. Greed has replaced civility today and is why the world has a wealth inequality problem. To eliminate the inequality, common logic must replace greed. Common logic says that we all need and deserver rights to the earth's resources and there is no one people on earth who deserves it more than others.

All things do not have to be free of charge, but all things should be affordable. For example, healthcare. Many nations have concluded that healthcare is a human right because all people, especially workers, should be healthy enough to work and provide for their families. Nevertheless, American capitalism says that only certain people deserve healthcare, mainly those who can afford it. It also says that certain people deserve more pay than others because of the color of their skin and the make of their gender.

Another example are roads. As workers, we all need to use the roads to get back and forth to work. Yet American capitalism charges tolls to use the roads. This is unnecessary and the epitome of greed. Other examples of overpriced charges are minor traffic fines, car insurance and any other type of insurance, tuition for education, organically grown foods (which grow by nature but overcharged by producers), bottled water, electricity, natural gas and oil, and many other basic needs of life. Again, these are needs, not wants and needs should be affordable, or free by nature.

Wants, on the other hand, are things that afford luxury such as yachts, private planes and expensive cars, mansions, certain clothing from special fabrics, jewelry or anything that accompany personal vanities. If people would like to spend their money on vanities, they should be the only ones paying the cost. But working people should not live in debt, suffer poverty, illness or illiteracy nor should they ever go without the necessities of life.

The poor will always be a part of society, but no one should be hungry, homeless or ill because these are things everyone needs and to be deprived of these things by people who horde them is inhumane and cruel. Unfortunately, those who horde have convinced many people in society that this way of thinking and living is normal and should be protected. And they use the most simple-minded phrases to maintain this power.

The way capitalist maintain control over the working class is to convince them that free is bad and that hard work will get you the luxuries of life like they have. It is a pipe dream fed to the people by greedy, wealthy barons who prey on the needs of the populous. Free is not bad nor is it economically logical because people work to provide the necessities of life to everyone else so workers should get paid for their labor, but affordability is common sense and care for the worker is simple, decent humanity.