Good Things That Came From the Virus

God rest the souls that the Coronavirus has claimed; by His grace they are in a better place. Hopefully, we too, still living here in this life and in this country, can come away blessed from all that we have been through. It is always best to count your blessings or look for the positives in dire situations.

The virus hit without notice and suddenly everyone was thrown into an indefinite home lockdown; locked out of all social settings; businesses and workers alike. Mothers, fathers, children and grandparents suffered through their own scenarios of a life upside down. Nevertheless, through all the confusion and transformation, there are some good things that surfaced that we should take note of.

Time with family: Families have actually had to live with each other during the lockdown. Parents spend lots of quality time with their children (something they all longed for while they were working 14 hour days); couples have all the time together they wanted, to strengthen their relationships or get to know each other better.

Along with that come home cooked meals instead of take out, dining out and fast foods. More time to be creative in home and life style. All the time to finish that book, song, or painting that we wished for while working. Projects around the house that needed to be done should be complete now, and other miscellaneous task such as checking on relatives, visiting neighbors, and volunteering to help others were all good things people once had no time to do.

New work standards: Now we know that many people who are working from home could have been doing so all along. And those who are essential and cannot work from home can be paid hired wages instead of minimum wage and part-time hours. Employers can expand into new markets and actually afford to hire more people, give more time off, and add bonuses if they want to. All they have to do is save on expensive office space, cost of staff and utilities.

In addition, the highways are nearly empty, pollution is down in major US cities, and car accidents are down, which is saving billions in car insurance premiums. Now we know the answer to those two problems; environmental protection and price gouging of insurance companies. Gas, has also come down so far they cannot find it. It seems as though the corporations wanted people to clog the highways just to keep the gas prices high and the oil moving. And technology securities are on the rise.

A chance for lower health care and drug cost: Now we know that the healthcare system is ill prepared for an epidemic and that too many people suffered because of a lack of, therefore, healthcare companies must face the shame that they are inadequate when it comes to providing for their own subscribers. The rest of the world has proven that everyone needs healthcare and affordable drugs, and that they care more for their people.

In addition, healthcare workers are vital in this society and earn their pay. We also realize that the science behind medicine should be respected and research needs more funding. The elderly, also, are underserved as well as prisoners, undocumented immigrants, and all those who get up every morning and go to work to add to the economy. Other valuable resources and occupations we took for granted are food banks, food subsidy programs, day cares, farmers, truck drivers, garbage workers and many more all deserve higher wages.

Debt forgiveness is possible: Now we know that debts can be forgiven without the lender hurting for profit. This includes banks, collection agencies and other third party lenders. When people have more money to pay their bills and also save, they can spend into the economy without stress and the possibility of facing homelessness or poverty. And banks can always get a government bailout

Students and the next generation can finally catch up to their grandparents were it pertains to upward economic mobility. They can purchase homes and not have to return back home; they can have children and raise them in secure, financial futures, and they can enjoy life the way it was promised to them without the burdens of debt.

Exposing of all corrupt leaders: As the crises grew stronger and damaged the economic and social infrastructure of the country, political leaders began to show their true colors. Under stress there is a potential that anyone can break, and many politicians and social gatekeepers revealed their crazy.

From concern for the people on matters of finance and simple healthcare, to knowing which religious leaders are sane and which ones are not, to learning that politicians and business leaders could care less about our rights as voters and workers and even human beings for that matter. We now know who's who.

Decrease in electricity usage and crime: these are good things. People are not getting up in the morning at the same times and powering up their lights and electronics. Nor are people hitting the streets in the middle of the night getting drunk and adding to the crime rates. Both are something we should remember when life reopens.

Every one of the above is a direct or indirect relation to the other, beginning with; people should work from home more often and the workers who are essential in life should be appreciated and paid more. The people should take this scenario and use it to their advantage by threatening to close down the country when employers get too greedy once again. The moral of this story is; when the people have the power, life is a lot easier.