The People Got the Power: Now We Must Use It!

During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, we have learned that workers have the power to shut down the country economically. From this point on, they could shut it down whenever they want and demand higher wages, guaranteed or affordable healthcare, bigger pensions, stock options and even shorter work days.

It only took 1 month to send this country into an economical tailspin forcing government officials and politicians to do their jobs and pass laws that assisted workers, stifle greedy landlords and businesses, and take the pressure off the working class and place it on businesses that exploit people for cheap labor and overage fees.

Though limited business activity caused inconveniences, as we now see, most are menial and petty, such as not being able to get haircuts and hair or nails done, shop your favorite store or travel; and though there were some shortages in grocery stores, for the most part we survived. However, other more needed essentials such as regular access to healthcare, motor vehicle data, and other necessities we take for granted were missed but not forgotten. We survived.

The message is clear however, the people are the ones who actually run the economy. It only works from the ground up, not the other way around. Thus, workers should be appreciated more and their needs should be met or else those in business who take their employees for granted cannot make money or service the community effectively.

As the economy tanked, business owners and some non-essential workers (those who could work from home or whose jobs were not needed) began to panic, get bored and demand that everyone go back to work in order to get the economy started up again.

In essence, the rich and the wealthy business owners encouraged people to protest lock downs in order to get the economy up and running. Even at the expense of worker's health, infecting others, including family members, children and older parents, and even dying, the upper class (who are tested whenever they want) chose profit over lives. It all became a life or death scenario, literally; even to the point of work or starve.

The protesters carried guns in public and marched to government facilities to intimidate government officials and workers implying the threat of death if they do not reopen the economy. They claimed their freedoms were being taken away because they could not go back to work. This is a lie. They are henchmen of the wealthy threatening people to get back to work.

Like a flashback to the days of slave labor, these people are terrorist and are committing criminal acts close to being considered slave patrols and possibly attempted murder. As a result, some lawmakers buckled to their demands and have promised businesses they have nothing to worry about because the law will be on their side by protecting them against civil lawsuits if workers get sick upon return.

Workers need to understand that their life is more important than making others rich, and they can use this reasoning as leverage to get what they want in return. But they are between a rock and a hard place because workers also need an income to keep their families going. The answer to that is to earn enough money to save from working. Yet at the current wage levels, people cannot save from the income they receive. Debt keeps people struggling financially and the high cost of healthcare, medication, and the other costs of living continues to rise, and wages do not.

Workers should be able to depend on laws to protect them against corporate exploitation and unethical business practices that gouge the consumer. Or at least make working worth their lives by paying higher wages with guaranteed healthcare and stimulus money as a safety-net for hard times. The American system of capitalism exploits labor and mistreats their workers and now we know it does not have to be this way.

Party politician's favor the wealthy and businesses by bailing them out during economic crises but make it harder for the worker to make a decent living and leave them unprotected against corporate greed. If the worker cannot earn, the economy will suffer in the long run. Business cannot make money to meet demand and once again the economy slows.

Nu Life Alliance is gathering signatures of people who are forced back to work without safe working conditions, limited pay and benefits, and lack of proper healthcare. We are working on a plan that will get workers the safety-net they need in the fight for their lives and the lives of their family. We will fight for people to not be considered collateral damage just so the rich can make more money at the expense of worker's lives.

Timeline of Social Change

  1. Virus hits United States - cases surge
  2. Federal and state governments and non-essential businesses close down
  3. Grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, essential businesses stay open
  4. Workers suffered, got sick and died on the front lines
  5. Businesses and states lose money
  6. Government sends stimulus money to help families
  7. Businesses get anxious, some close down or go bankrupt
  8. Protesters rise with guns and threats
  9. States cave to protester pressure
  10. Government passes laws to protect businesses from lawsuits
  11. Workers forced back to work or lose benefits and jobs
  12. Capitalism collapses - to be continued