Things Leadership Can Do to Stop the Violence Right Now: But Won't

It is ultimately the responsibility of police forces, training academies, commissioners and their authority heads, mayors and governors to stop the police brutality and killings the country is witnessing. The street riots and chaos would not be if police officers were more civil toward citizens or even cared about the lives of Black people, or any people. This is just common sense.


Like any crises in any setting, it gets to a point where someone stands up and demands the chaos to stop by enforcing a firm solution. Whether it be in an office setting where someone is stealing lunches from the refrigerator, (someone writes a note), or the manager sends a massive email memo, or when the kids are out of control in the house, the parent finally stands up and shouts, ENOUGH!

But here in America where police are brutalizing and killing people for no reason, no one has done a damn thing. No political leader, activist organization, corporate CEO or news anchor, has had enough and reached their breaking point to offer such a firm solution, so apparently, they do not give a damn. But if they want the police brutality, protest, riots, and burning of property to stop, they need to get to that point now and actually do something.

Instead of the usual media narratives and catch phrases of "continued unrest", "police clashes with protesters", and drab and meaningless press conferences of police chiefs and mayors, they need to do something that will make an immediate change. People are tired of waiting for laws to change and policies to pass through the House and Senate because they have done nothing to stop anything, so here are some things they can do right now that would bring change:

  1. Call a meeting with the Governors - Apparently the president has no interest in making peace or bringing change in fact, he is in on the chaos; let one of the governors themselves lead and call the meeting. Decree that if the governors cannot make their police forces either stop recruiting racist murderers, the governors will be stripped of power and investigated for negligence of their job in addition to aiding and abetting a terrorist organization.
  2. Call a meeting with Police unions, chiefs and commanders and decree that if they cannot control their forces or refuse to investigate each and every individual officer for the potential of being a racist with racist motivation or the instincts and profile of a serial killer, they need to turn in their badges and stripped of their powers also. They obviously do not understand the duties of the job.
  3. Police officers - if there are any "good cops," they need to take a stand against the others and report any officers in their units for being racist, acting racist or looking racist. It is possible to break rank for the good of the country and human decency and they should be rewarded for their efforts to break rank.
  4. Stop sending white cops to Black communities - this is an obvious resolution that would slow and eventually fix the issue of white cops killing Black people. If they have no access to Blacks, they would not be able to profile, harassed or kill them. Give incentives for Black cops to patrol Black neighborhoods and to live there also and send the white cops with a desire to kill overseas to a real war instead of murdering their own citizens.

These are things that can be done right away if authority wants to actually end this period of civil disorder and chaos, but they apparently do not care or are too freaking lazy to do their jobs the right way. It seems they do not want an end to the senseless killing and violence and riots because maybe they thrive on it like carnivores on blood.

Maybe we all need to take a closer look at leadership and conclude that this is a plan they have contrived to commit genocide against Black people based on a continued push for white supremacy. Maybe Black people need to actually take up arms and decide to shoot back and simply enter the race war they so desire. If nothing is done to stop this ignorance and no laws are passed, then we should accept the latter fact as true and get our houses in order.

The violence and brutality by police and the riots and destruction of cities will not stop until someone does something of real justice.