A Civil War is Looming; but a Revolution is Eminent

Though analysts are predicting a civil war, they cannot see the revolution on the horizon. So once the civil war breaks forth, expect a revolution to follow.

In 2016 Afromerica predicted that the United States would implode and reach a point of civil war, and it has. We suggested then that the country should divide in two nations because the disunity was too strong; that part is yet to come.

However, there is a difference between a civil war and a revolution. Think the Revolutionary War and the United States' break from Britain. That was a revolution. The civil war was simply a conflict within the United States. Though analysts are predicting a civil war, they cannot see the revolution on the horizon.

Headlines across the media spectrum are laced with warnings of a civil war, from the grassroots level to the state and federal level; even to the top brass of the military, where there is a faction of the military ready to defy orders from the commander in chief and turn their guns on citizens of a different political persuasion.

The two political parties have divided so far asunder that there is no foresight of reconciliation; their political, social, and cultural ideologies are too diverse. One believes in Democracy - and the will of the people - while the other side has turned away from Democracy toward an authoritarian, autocratic nature; to allow for one man or a privileged, minority party to rule the country.

One side wants guns for everyone and the other side does not. One side believes and trust science while the other does not. One side see the climate shifting and causing destruction while the other does not see that same thing. One side wants the minimum wage higher while the other does not. One side wants free college and healthcare while the other side does not.

Parents and teachers are divided. Physicians and the sick are divided. There are two different media news perspectives. Corporations donate to both political parties. The police and the public are at odds. The justice system plays favorites. Families are not speaking and neighbors are killing each other.

These are not ideologies of a united nation but one of two separate nations. It has come to the point where the founding constitution has come into question as to its effectiveness and necessity. The problem is the politicians currently in power do not have the courage or discipline to enforce the existing one let alone the intellectual energy or wisdom to draft a new one.

So that leaves all the citizens of this country and innocent people of its population as collateral damage to the fits of rage and anger coming from a party that resists the concepts and powers of Democracy and desire an authoritarian form of government: a people armed with weapons of civil and mass destruction aimed at an imaginary enemy.

As quoted from the first prediction:

The Conservative Republic

When the Republicans are in control of their own nation, they can limit government power to as little as possible. They can have a system of unbridled capitalism without restriction and let the free market run wild. They can ban abortion and gay marriage, restrict voting to whoever they want, carry all the guns they want and build a wall as tall as they want to keep others out. There will be no need for entitlement programs including social security, Medicare, Medicaid, or food stamps because no one would ever need assistance. The Conservative Republic government can build a military force unstoppable to the world and defend their side of the country against terrorist attacks and also bomb any other country all to hell if they want.

The Democratic Union

When the Democrats are in control of their own nation, they can do the opposite of all of the above. They can expand government as far as the eye can see, allow abortion, gay marriage, invite refugees and immigrants, have no guns, give free health care, college and food all day long if they so desire. And when it comes time to negotiate with foreign leaders, they can make alliances with as many nations as they want and pick and choose which nations to oppress.

The Demographics

Let the young minds of Ivy league schools (who could use real mental stimulation) work out the details of how to move the people to their desired nation, design a workable infrastructure, and rebuild Wall Street to work for both sides. Allow the people to have another chance at freedom instead of being sifted back and forth between two inconsistent ideologies. Let this new found independence of each nation reveal which one will have more need of the prison industrial complex or a military, or which side will have to worry about school and mass shootings, police brutality, sickness, drug abuse, divorce, crime and poverty.

People deserve both free will and the basic needs; but a country that cannot agree on delivering both must understand that there lies the problem. The concept of a democracy is that the people get to choose how they want to live and not be dictated to by one man or a privileged few.

If the current political leaders relinquish Democracy to the hands of authoritarians, a new country will eventually be formed by the rebellion of the people because not everyone is as ignorant as those who are pushing minority rule, and not all people want to continue to live under establishment politics under Wall Street and corporate run policies.

This tension among the people will eventually lead to a revolution. One that will completely overthrow the old government, its corporate barons and its military and establish a new land of true opportunity. Just like the original United States did from Britain. Once the civil war breaks forth, expect a revolution to follow.

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