Black Power: The Only Acceptable Form of Reparations

Talk of reparations is floating around the political spectrum as if white folks are going to compensate Black Americans for the Trans Atlantic slave trade and generations of neutralization. Talks always stall however, when the question is how Blacks will be compensated.

Money is the first thing that comes to mind; billions, maybe trillions of dollars given to Blacks as recompense. The problem with that is white folks would resent the hell out of Blacks in every area of society having money in their pockets. They would mock this result with every stereotypical comment in the book.

See, white folks are an extremely vindictive people. Look at Black Wall Street in Tulsa Ok, Rosewood, Fl., or any effort in history Blacks made to live decently or pull themselves up out of poverty. They would just as well see Blacks in poverty or prison than see them succeed.

Any form of monetary compensation, whether it is money, land, free education, healthcare, or even one of the states, would be too much for many vindictive white folks to handle and they would surely figure out a way to destroy what we have. Or what they would deem to be "given" to us.

They do not see Blacks as deserving of anything accept abuse and ridicule and for us to remain at their steps. Regardless of the fact that the majority of the infrastructure in this country was built by Black labor, or that many modern advancements come from the minds of Black people. That is not good enough. So money is not the answer.

What keeps Blacks underprivileged is a lack of power. The ability to make and change laws; the opportunity to lay foundations in education and the say-so in our children's future, our finances, investment prospects and other gateways to social success. Those things have always been controlled by white power.

The best and most productive form of reparations would come in the way of power. Blacks need justice in the courts, equality in bank lending and job mobility; we need respect for our children as learners and not criminals, and we need that same respect in economic growth as contributors to the American economy.

The best and most productive form of reparations would come in the way of power.

In other words, instead of money, a greater good would come from trust, fairness, truth, and good will; but we know that these qualities are not ones that white folks apply routinely toward Blacks; in fact, we suspect that these qualities may not be a part of their genetic makeup, unless it is toward their own people.