United States Police Departments Will Now Answer to God

Like every other political, bureaucratic and public agency within America's systemic structure; the three branches of government, the judicial system, the financial systems, health and educational systems that have been exposed for their corruption, divine justice is now coming for the Police Departments.


Regardless of what excuses police officials use during press conferences and what the legal minds who lay the groundwork for legal loopholes and convoluted logic use as testimony to justify the act of murder, when a police officer chooses take someone's life when they have the choice not to, it is murder plain and simple.

Any other person who decides to take another's life is normally charged and prosecuted for murder because murder is the ultimate crime, and sin among humanity. Apparently though, police have somehow found some delusional way to exclude themselves from the definition of murder under the laws of the land and of God's Commandments.

To keep in standing with the general consensus, many people say that not all cops are bad and that there are some good ones on the force. But if the top officials in the police departments can somehow justify an officer killing a person when they could have easily made the choice not to, is simply allowing them all to commit murder with immunity.

This blatant act of hypocrisy is astounding and reveals that the police (or the people who pretend to be police after they murder) have no respect for human life and certainly no respect for God's law or the laws of the land. But though they have escaped the consequences of their own laws, this brings us to the concept of the punishment of natural law.

No one goes unpunished for crimes or sins they commit. The irony here is that the consequences of divine justice comes at an appointed time and is not determined by court dates or by the judge's ruling. And it does not discriminate based on race or involve conditions of parole, probation, or time off for good behavior. The punishment of natural law always fits the crime.

In the real world, the idea of punishment includes taking away ones freedom and limiting their access to the outside world, their family members and their ability to lead a normal life. They are secluded in secure facilities surrounded by guards ready to kill them if they try to escape and they are constantly watched, ruled over, and commanded what to do.

In the realm of natural law nearly the same concepts of punishment apply except on the deeper level. As a murderer, that person has been removed from God's grace and is now unprotected by his mercy, love, and many of His other qualities we take for granted every day. Not only is the hedge of grace removed from around them, but they are then haunted unknowingly by a darker force.

Things may appear normal in their lives at first; they may continue working or get other jobs at other police departments, and they may even purchase a house, car or other material things seemingly unaffected by their recent act of injustice. Nevertheless, a divine change has happened in their lives that they cannot perceive right away.

This is where time plays a role in their lives. Overtime and in the mist of what they deem as a normal or even better life, little things begin to happen that leave a devastating impact on their material lives and in their consciousness. Paranoia, sleepless nights, dark dreams that leave impressions on their minds and never go away; relationships begin to sever, opportunities dry up, and hope diminishes and fades into despair.

No matter how hard they try to cover the pain, it stays and grows within. They have become a prisoner in a darker realm of existence. Without the protection of God, they are left exposed to their worst fears such as sickness, poverty, and things that only reveal themselves in the nightmares they have.

Not only are the murderers subject to this living hell, but all those who protected them by bearing a false witness to justify their murder and to defy the law, and that vouched for them in any attempts to advance their lives. They also come under the eyes of that darker force every day of their lives. The force is not restricted to just the murderer; it branches out to people's children, family members, and friends and all who are complacent with them getting away with murder.

Unfortunately, the details of their lives are not spotlighted on the news in episodes of "where are they now," but they are out there living under a curse. They are living without protection of grace and mercy and usually their life becomes unlivable as it sinks into a sinister level of misery for extended and hasher periods of time. Some murderers face this destiny right away while others are hit all at once in one day. So never believe that any murderer has ever escaped divine retribution.