Affordable Health Care is not the Goal, Drugging America is

We can sit back and believe that politicians are working on a plan to make health care affordable, which will only add to our current state of denial. Or we can see the truth for what it really is and know that they are in cahoots with big pharma to make a drug dependant nation of zombies.

You have seen the anti-depressant commercials advertising Cymbalta, Zoloft, Paxil, and other drugs that treat depression, panic disorders, sleep disorders, and those that treat hyperactivity disorders such as Prozac, Adderall, Ritalin and others that are given to children. And you have heard of their side effects, which include weight gain, sleep disturbances (either interrupted or excessive sleep) and sexual dysfunction (especially problems experiencing an orgasm), stomach upset, nausea, headache, fatigue, tremor, nervousness and dry mouth, confusion, loss of consciousness, seizures, irregular heart rate, cardiorespiratory collapse and death; even becoming aggressively normal, that's right, aggressively normal.

The object is to make these drugs more affordable to the public. A population not in control of their senses is easier to deceive, and manipulate. They can be told what to do and when, what to own and how, and when to eat, sleep, and even what to think and believe. That is the goal of those in power, to control the masses with drugs. The total number of prescriptions filed by all Americans, including adults and children, has increased by 85 percent over two decades; from 1997-2017. Over 4 billion Americans are on lab-produced drugs.

Why do you think there is no regulation of these type commercials and they are promoted so vehemently? Once scientists' concoct an illness, they will concoct the medication also and what better way to distribute it to the public than to have government backing and news media reporting and propaganda.

Take notice of the many virus epidemics and the vaccines being distributed: more drugs. Look at the spread of sexual diseases, the increased death rate of babies, the elderly, and those who cannot afford proper medical treatment. This is not random, this is planned. Population control is a concept in the making and drugs, disease, and war are the methods by which the powers are using to reduce the world's population.

It is scientific madness, corruption of power, and greed for money that this world is falling into the hands of a select few people who obviously did not complete high school. Pray that your body, mind and soul are protected from the evils of this current world. And pray that as many children as possible escape the coming devastation.