White America is Currently Exploiting a Deeply Deceptive Level of Racism and Genocide

According to American journalism, a conspiracy theory is a belief that is not backed by facts or scientific data. The only way to know the difference between a conspiracy theory and what is true is to acknowledge reality, as in what you can see with your eyes, and then believe your eyes instead.


Many believe that the coronavirus is a conspiracy theory and that it is not real or that it was inspired by the wealthy to depopulate the world using various forms of infection. The only way to sift through this theory is to see with your own eyes that it is actually killing people and that it has not discriminated as to who it kills.

Though the virus has traveled the world and infected and killed millions, since it has hit America, America has resorted to doing what it does best by racializing and politicizing the virus. The news media constantly reports what race and which political party voters have contracted the virus the most. What states or regions (red or blue, urban or rural), has experienced the most cases.

The reason they partition such events into racial and political segments is because white America cannot stand to disclose a weak or negative image of themselves. If they cannot make it racial, they will make it political and divide the subject into two parts. The problem with this tactic is that the virus does not discriminate. Now white America lives inside a philosophical conundrum it cannot escape.

So, what they are doing is projecting the virus cases onto people of color because they refuse to have their reputation tainted. They are too ashamed to admit that they are human too. They would rather convince the world that they are above the realm of humanity and cannot succumb to such illness. Even though they are dying at the same rates as everyone else, they will never admit it.

Instead, they have resorted to a level of deception that is uncanny. First off, the White House has injected itself into the scheme of things by ordering some states not to report the number of cases in the state after they reopened. Second, they have resorted to redirecting protective equipment and supplies needed for decreasing infection rates and directing them toward states they favor, mostly red (Republican) states.

This may sound like a far-fetched theory, maybe even a conspiracy, but the conspiracy is on the side of white America. They must show themselves above anything mother nature has to offer mankind. As per their plan, the country believes Blacks and Hispanics are the only ones catching the virus so the rest of white America has decided to live as though there is no virus and to take it upon themselves to discriminate against Blacks and Hispanics.

While at the same time, thousands of them are being infected and dying from the virus. But the news media will never report those numbers because they are ashamed. White America is ashamed of a lot of things they do and the lifestyles they lead. In addition to the infection and death rates of the virus, they also under report crime statistics, drug use among whites, and many other vile forms of behavior they participate in.

But that is not even the beginning of their deception. They are not going to tell the world how they are purposefully neglecting Blacks and Hispanics in the hospitals when they come in for virus treatment. The world will only learn that in some 15 to twenty years from now. The same happened after Katrina when the truth finally came out 15 years later about how many Black people were randomly killed by white police officers and roaming white vigilantes.

If Black people can be killed for walking down the street and the government does not do a damn thing about it, what makes anyone think that doctors and nurses are not indirectly killing people of color right now. We can see with our eyes how people of color are treated in this country yet it is hard to believe it, which is why people dismiss such theories. But the truth cannot be hid and is currently being televised.