At 17 He Beat His Mother with a Baseball Bat: Now He's a College Graduate and a Walking Time Bomb

Imagine an upbringing that would lead a teenager to beat his or her mother with a baseball bat; fracturing her skull and putting her in intensive care. Inside that scenario, there is something seriously wrong with one or the other, or both. If a mental deformation is not present in either one, then hate or fear took control. Let us focus on the child first.

There was definitely a detachment in the mother/child relationship, which would cause a child to brutally beat a parent that way; an emotional disconnect that happened not only at that moment, but somewhere along the years of the child's upbringing. And by conventional standards, society would blame the parent for the way the child turned out.

In the case of this family, both parents were present so there was possibly a flaw in parenting that lead to this emotional break in the child. No one is perfect but all people possess the human nature of parenting. Only when that nature is diverted by some outside force is when parents stray from their responsibilities and inadvertently break the bond.

Stress related work, social peer-pressure, family squabbles and drastic health issues usually cause people to neglect their home life. When raising children, it is important to understand that not all children will understand that daddy has to work late or mom is too busy to care. Some children need more attention than others. In fact, some adults crave constant approval and attention to maintain their own sense of worth.

In this case, however, the child was obviously reacting to an upbringing that lacked a needed emotional link. Whether the mother did something to disrupt that link or if the child became overly influenced by some force outside the family is up for question. Regardless, the child was the one who released an apparent deadly vigor of frustration.

Without actually knowing what the mother was going through or suffering from before the incident, the force with which the child beat the mother is extremely frightening. Some may conclude she had it coming while others will take sympathy for her. In such situations, the only logical thing to conclude is that the child had enough hate or fear in their heart to beat their own mother with a baseball bat.

"Disobedient to parents," is a biblical projection of the last days. Ungratefulness, unthankful, a lack of compassion for others and a distancing of neighbors from one another with a selfish motivation, will all become normal during the last remaining days of humanity. What leads to these mindsets are distractions of life, turning away focus of the family toward the self alone.

People by nature need and thrive for attention and affection and if not shown regularly, they will turn to abnormal devices and lifestyles that give pleasure as a supplement. A parent's conscience suffers when they cannot provide for their children adequately or live up to the lifestyles of their peers. Stress can overwhelm some parents and they react to their loved ones in destructive ways.

In the case of this young person, the mindset they possessed is one that should be monitored on regular bases. If it had not been the mother, it could have been a crowd of people who died from multiple gunshots. This person was not mentally stable when they beat their mother; there was too much animosity inside them and no sense of self restraint. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of people (especially young adults) who suffer from the same mental disorder within society. We see it in the news more often than not.

Mass killings of classmates, family members, and innocent people; do not die from the guns, but from the anger and hostility that explodes in individuals who lack that emotional bond or much needed mental stimulation of attention and care. The sad thing about the whole ordeal is that the young person who committed this crime of passion escaped true justice and probably the needed mental help they required.

The judge convicted him of a felony, but sentenced this 17 year-old "to spend 18 months at a youth detention ranch and serve four years on probation. Both of those penalties were reduced." Though the father did not believe the act was justified nor was an act of self defense, Derek Byrd, the defense attorney for the young man, "argued that [he] should stay out of jail because he was a college baseball prospect and "has a future." Byrd also told the judge that being in jail would "traumatize him" and he might get kicked off of the baseball team."

Blind justice does a disservice to this country and every other citizen within it when people of this magnitude of mental rage are allowed to wander free in society. Who knows when the rage will not ignite once again if someone does to him the same thing the mother did, which no one can actually confirm. By the way, the young man is the son of Donald Trump's acting secretary of defense, Patrick Shanahan, and the mother is his ex-wife.