Where the Hard Core Brothers At!

Growing up on the west side of Detroit you learned to channel your anger into your fist and drop a blow to the head as hard as you could. The blow did not come from training, it came straight from the pit of anger; and it stung the one who felt it.

You learned to watch out for those who were defenseless or who were not a part of the banging game because you knew they were not cut from that clothe so you jumped on anyone who bullied them. And when it was time to throw down with your boys, it was on.

Yes, we threw down with brothers in the hood but the sight of white boys always took precedence over another brother. They never, if ever, came into our hoods. And if they did, they left wishing they never had. We ran from cops but they were Black cops. White cops did not patrol Detroit like that, and the Black ones knew us and we knew them, so they played the game on point.

But that was then, this is now. These so-called hard core brothers, rappers, and gang-bangers out here today do not (and never would) make the crew on the west side. They are soft, punk-ass boys raised by soft, punk-ass women. Name one. Name a rapper or a gang banger with a reputation and see if he has the same anger and force behind his punch.

Where yall Snoop Dogg MFs at? Where the 50 Cent groupies at? Where any of the so-called gangster rapper likers and followers on social media at? Yall ain't nothin' but fan-club hoes wearing your pants over your lil' punk-asses.

We lost thousands of brothers who have been caged up and tossed in the joint for petty crimes against each other and because white boys are afraid of them. Afterward, inside they are turned into soft, punk-assess by the prison industrial complex and when they get out, their spirit have been broken like a slave on a plantation.

What about the so-called conscious brothers out there hollering about the white man and Christian Blacks; yelling out how the Black woman is God and melanated people are supreme. What the hell yall doing about white boys killing us? Not a damn thing but posting memes on websites using fake ass profiles. Yall soft too.

Where the Crips and the Bloods? Where MS13 at (yall in this too). Punk asses. Where the million man Muslim brothers who whine all day about the white man? You got a gun? You gonna shoot your brother down in the street cause he pushed up on your skank? You gonna blow the brains out another brother because he owe you $50? But you let a white boy walk by you with his ass in your face. You punk ass.

Either get up off yall asses and organize and direct your anger at the real enemy or shut the fuck up!