Racists Are Mentally Ill; So Why Does the Media Cover Them

It is amazing how much media coverage racists get in this country. Like a sick fixation on porn, the news media cannot turn away from the vile and ignorant words and protest of the racists embedded around the country. This is most likely because their president is insane and reflect the majority of the citizens in the country.

From doomsday vagabonds dressed in military fatigue carrying military grade weaponry to tin-hat-wearing rural misfits screaming the most ignoramus memes, they get more coverage and ratings than any intellectual Black or Hispanic person ever would. Cops kill people in broad daylight and stream it on social media and the news media talk as if the person they killed may have deserved it.

But look at the media's history. The History channel play reruns of Hitler documentaries on a yearly bases along with documentaries on 1920s' gangsters, serial killers and corrupt presidents, yet a person of color speaking words of human wisdom is ignored.

White folks can march up the street literally threatening public figures but if a Black man crosses the street the wrong way his life is in jeopardy. Mobs of white folks can stop traffic in the middle of Washington DC yelling the most illiterate of words yet if a group of Hispanic males walks into a mall, security is called right away.

It is no secret that these people (including the news media) are mentally challenged where it pertains to human decency, and many of them should be prescribed drugs that dull their senses. Life is a mere reality television show to them and they apparently have to keep the attention of an uneducated audience by displaying the most obnoxious characters they can find.

Ball-headed Nazis, bearded mountain men, obese-Rosanne looking rural house wives, raggedy little ragged-dolled white kids, and the ever so famous pretty little white girl with a pea for a brain and a lack of common sense. But obviously, other white folk who watch cable news find these characters adorable.

Notice that people of color on television and even within a protest or riot speak words of liberation and struggle while white folks blurt out nonsense, racist talking points and dog whistle politics. Colin Kaepernick was the last Black protester the country has seen and sent a message of resistance to authoritarianism, yet the last white person on a major news channel name-called, threatened, and cussed like the true thugs they are, without even making a point. What a shame.