I'm Sorry white Person, Did You Say Something?

For years, decades and centuries even, Blacks have had to endure racial slurs, hateful insults and stereotypical imagery coming from white folks who actually believe the things they imply. Blacks have been referred to as lazy, unintelligent, crack-heads, thugs, welfare queens on top of their abusive depictions of nooses, big lips, blackface, and of course their favorite racial epithet, the N-word.

All that is cute and they have had a good run where it pertains to their much needed ego high; however, the time has come that none of those things rises to the level of the ignorance and immorality displayed by their President, their members of every government branch and agency in the country all the way up to the Supreme Court; not to mention their media reporters, financial experts, military and religious leaders.

If you want to see a thug, look in the White House. This man is on his way down being accused and soon to be charged with the same charges brought against Al Capone, tax evasion. You want to see a crack-head, take a look at the rural and suburban opioid crises. Did you say something about a drug dealer? Let's talk about the big Pharmaceutical companies that set up and peddle pill mills around the country that strung out millions of white folks.

Did I hear you say welfare queen? Do not forget about the multi-million dollar corporations that get subsidies (welfare) from the government to stay in business; free land to move to certain states, and the trillion dollar tax breaks given to them from the hard-earned dollars of working people. Not to mention the over-paid CEOs and Wall Street criminals who break laws and never go to jail.

Want to talk about unintelligent? How about the economic philosophers and military strategist who continually steal from other countries, break deals, strong-arm weaker countries, and then turn around and say they are wealthy because they are smart, educated, and business savvy. It is funny how they have to kill other people to get what they want instead of good ole fashion negotiating.

Hmm, it looks like another Catholic Priest is raping a child; another 11 year-old is loading his AR15 to massacre his classmates, and another police officer is too afraid for his life that he feels the need to slaughter another Black man. Suzy is lying about rape again, Becky is bribing the local university, and Bob is downloading tons of porn while his wife prepares his next Sunday sermon.

WTF did you say to me white person? Oh, Africa is a shithole country? Well America is full of homos, baby-killers and pedophiles; (with all due respect to the gay people, we are in a nasty psychological war with ignorant people and all gloves are off). You say Black people have low intelligence? Well did you happen to see the hundreds of commercials peddling psychosomatic drugs with side effects no one in their right mind would want? Have you had some?

Excuse me lady, sir; Black folks are in the condition we are because of the society you have created. But it is not just us it is you too and more so you, than us. You are all the things you call us plus one hundred times over. Your morality is unhinged, your civility is missing, your justice is perverted, yet you call the cops on us?

Yes, we are a large part of the prison population, but we all know who should be there. Yep, we are struggling financially but when we steal, we steal for hunger, not as a career choice. And yes, we shoot each other in Chicago but you kill each other on consistent bases. You also kill Black folks, Muslims, Indians, Jews, Asians and anyone else you fear.

So think again before you the open your mouth. We now know who the derelicts in society are. We know that when white folks lash out at Blacks and other people of color, their words and actions are simply a reflection of the rot that has claimed their souls.