Recognize the Black Men Who Undermine Black Progress

Call it the Struggle, the Revolution, the Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter or the Hip Hop Culture, all Black people in America are fighting against white supremacy. From whatever angle we approach it, Black men must find our collective footing if we are going to succeed, and since the election of one of the most racist presidents in history, that footing seems to be coming together.

From the plantations of America's racist past to todays' psychological struggle against systemic injustice, many Black men have realized that racism is still alive and kicking yet there remains some who this reality have yet to fully awaken. They see it and hate it, but their minds lack one key component that would bind all Black men and give rise to more Black power. This component is respect for one another.

There remain small factions among Black men that are vaguely recognizable but remain nonetheless. And these factions hinder our ability to collectively rise. Once these factions are identified and dismantled, Black men (and women) will be a serious force to be reckoned with. The following are identifiable traits and lifestyles in Black men that are disruptive in the overall struggle.

Black Trump supporters - These men are clearly out of their minds; ignore them.

Black gays - These men have chosen to not only turn their backs on the struggle of Black men for liberation, but on humanity all together. They have chosen to adapt the persona of and imitate the very oppressor that keeps them in psychological chains, the white woman. They find it cute to walk, talk, and sexually copy the characteristics of white women who lust after Black men. Ignore these men also, they are a breed invented by the fears of white men.

Black trash - These men can be found in every other faction of Black men but are the most destructive and dangerous in the struggle for liberation, even below Black gays and Black Trump supporters. They are the ones who use the word "Nigga" against their brothers every day of their lives. They come from all walks of life; entertainers, rappers, working class, activist, politicians and more. These are not Black men, but boys who have yet to understand what the struggle is all about. By using the word Nigga, (which they have been foolishly told and believe is a term of endearment) they completely undermine the whole purpose of liberation by giving authenticity to white supremacist and racist. Regardless of what anyone says, Nigga is just an offshoot of Nigger. The fact that these men cannot or refuse to acknowledge this simple fact is shameful and unworthy of public attention from the masses. In a deep psychological reversal of self-awareness, this is a blatant and ignorant disrespect of their Black brothers and sisters.

From Black millionaires to street thugs, these fools take out their frustrations on other Black men and women they consider targets instead of the ones who deserve disrespect, in addition to disrespecting their own children by teaching them this foolishness all because they are too afraid to exert that anger toward the white man. Cowards one might say. Instead of investing the money they make from the plantation into projects that would help the community, they use it to contrive ways to hustle more money away from their own people; either through degrading music, television shows and movies, half-ass, overpriced products and services, or scams that drain the Black community without offering a benefit in return.

These men do not deserve a Black card. They exploit their own people, sell-out to the highest white bidder, and turn around and pretend they care by throwing money at a problem they apparently do not understand how to solve. They take advice from white boys who have out-thought them on every intellectual level and believe charity solves the problem of racism or singing a freaking song will do. This are capitalist in Black face; lawn jockeys on public television, and house negroes on display. The prisons remain filled because they do not know how to form an argument, but they can brilliantly write a rap.

The police and white supremacist are randomly killing innocent Black people but these Black trash for brothers can showcase their homes and pimp their rides on reality shows, escape to exotic islands and post to Instagram, while the hood they swear they came from suffer gentrification and economic oppression and Black children are drained of funds for education. The truth is, they are full of envy and jealousy of one another, which is why they feel the need to humiliate and undermine their own brothers and sisters. They are juvenile in mind, mentally weak, and act like women all in their feelings and in their deepest of behavior. America is good to these Black dudes as long as they ain't suffering. They talk down about crooked Black preachers, forgiving Christians, Civil Rights coons and mammys and then turn around and look into the camera and call us Niggas? They are not worthy of any respect; no Black money or Black card. It is these brothers who have betrayed the Black community by tearing down what little self-respect Blacks have built up throughout the years.

Black registered republicans - These men are clear plantation dwellers but are not beyond awakening from this American nightmare. They have good jobs and many make six figures so they believe America works for them and can work for low-income Blacks also if they applied themselves. They buy into the bootstrap myth, that police are fair, and racism is all in your mind. They will only become conscious when racism knocks on their front door and lynches one of their own children. And even then, they will find a way to excuse it away and turn and blame the Black community. Somewhere down the road, these men were hurt (or punked) by the Black community and they find solace and empathy in the company of white men. However, give these brothers time; they will join the ranks when the streets are ever lit up with a race war and their backs are literally against the walls of their suburban home.

Black church goers - These brothers are taught to ignore racism and that God does not see race so they dismiss it as not their problem and a problem that belongs to the world. They believe if they love (or tolerate) everyone and remain sight unseen, that racism will not come-a-knocking. Nevertheless, it does knock and they know it, but they are conflicted with what they have been taught and what the Bible says, so they do not understand how to handle the situation. Their pastors were indoctrinated by Civil Rights preachers who turned the other cheek to (ignore) racism, but these Black church goers see something different and are conflicted, so instead of fighting the spiritual war, they leave the church, lose faith in God, and bury their heads. They have not been taught that the Bible is a book of mental and spiritual liberation and that submission to and hiding from racism is not God's will. Eventually these brothers will learn to use the Bible's power of spiritual liberty to call out racism's sin on every front.

Black ignorant activist - These Black men are out on the front lines and on the battle field protesting and voicing their decent against racism. Some set fires and destroy the white man's property to get their message across. In their efforts, they get the country's attention through the mainstream news media and even the ear of the president of the United States; the problem with them is they do not have an end game. They do not know what to ask for and what demands to make once they get attention. They randomly blurt out extreme demands that not even a logical person would address, such as defunding the police (taken out of context), taking down statues, and requesting street name changes and painting Black art murals; all of which equate to eating lunch and sharing a bathroom with white folks. They have not thought through enough to actually write down a list of what the Black community needs and how to bring forth change. So they exhaust themselves in protest and weeks later return to their oppressed lives with little to no real change at all.

Black distracted - These men are busy, and there are many factions of Black men that make up this group. They are the brothers you see daily trying to financially survive, taking care of their families, and trying to stay out of jail. From white collar office workers to blue collar laborers to black business owners, community activist and organizers to hustlers; they see the problem but have no time to actually address it. This is exactly what white supremacy wants. Though they are physically working on the plantations, they are not mentally blind to or subservient to the problem. Now more than ever they see and want to do something but time forbids them and threats of prison neutralizes their efforts. Again, this is the purpose of white supremacy. What they (whites) need to realize is that if ever the war is full blown, this group of Black men will be the biggest and most dangerous force to deal with. But let us break down the factions further within this group to identify those brothers who are actually a problem to Black unity.

Black intellectuals - These Black men conclude that the answer to race relations and America's deep-seated history of racism can be resolved by "talking about it." They want to have a "discussion" on race relations or a "dialogue, round table talk." Maybe a CNN special for a week or two. They believe white folks will somehow or another come to their senses and see the light of equality if we all get together and talked about racism. They think this is the answer. Then when they sit down together you know what they talk about when they sit down and talk about it? They discuss how talking about it can help stop the racism. Talking, openly discussing the sins and crimes against humanity that white folks have done and continue to do. Well talking has not done a damn thing about racism. They racist, have always been and will always be even if we talk until everybody red, white and blue in the face. Just shut the hell up about talking about it and dammit do something.

Black conformist - These Black men simply go along with the program. They are not looking for trouble and will let racism pass if it does not involve violence in their presence. In other words, they will accept institutional oppression and racism on their jobs, their wife or girlfriends' job and in their children's school so long it keeps a distance. The see no point in fighting it because the system is just too big to them and they would rather not come in contact with the courts, police, or white people in authority. They simply hide in their video games, sports, gun or car collections and go about their business. These are house and field negroes who stay in their cabins after coming from the plantation to avoid coming into contact or stirring up conflict with the overseer. They keep their opinions to themselves when in the presence of whites and instead socialize with other Black men and vent their frustrations to them through various levels of conscious wokeness, anti-religious theories, and Amerikkk rants.

Once Black America can weed out the worse of our people and find the ground of common cause against white racism and oppression, we will rise higher. Until then, we will not get respect from this country or the world. The struggle is real as we can clearly see but Black men must drop the antics, distractions, and disrespect of self and one another in order to bond and see our future of true liberation.