Top 7 Reasons the white Media Loves to Humiliate Black Men, and How it Backfires

Here we go again. Somehow a virus from the other side of the world is disproportionately affecting Black men. It has passed over the entire world, killing Chinese, Italians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, and any other culture it can quietly infect, yet according to the white media, the viruses' sole purpose is to kill Black men at high rates. This is called projection.

Everything happens to all people, not just Black men; but if the spot light can be turned away from their misdeeds, it covers their shame. It is no secret that this is the deepest subliminal fantasy for white folks. Therefore they have figured out a way to make it a headline in their propaganda-laced news media. The sad thing is they got Black folks reporting it like its no one else's problem.

Gone are the days when Black men would call out their hypocrisy, lies, and psychosis on live television; this is why they murdered Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. These men constantly pulled the curtain to reveal their magic. So to protect their image, they have made sure no other Black man has that kind of power ever again.

Since then they have sent in the clowns; hired Black media heads that berate defenseless Black men about their lifestyle choices and public behavior like Bill Cosby, Barrack Obama (who publically humiliated Black fathers on father's day), Kanye West, Ben Carson and the other sissified Black entertainers who play women in movies and who have turned their sons into girls on live television.

Notice that no Black men are given a public platform to defend against such attacks; they are ignored, undermined, or killed; and this is because of white shame and guilt. Well, in keeping with the white media's list-driven click-bait headline scheme, here are the top 7 reasons the white media loves to humiliate Black men, and how it backfires.

7. To instill fear in Black men: white folks love a submissive and fearful Black man. This pleasure goes back to the days of chasing African family men through the forest of Africa with ropes and chains and today the videos of the police shooting Black men in the back for no reason. Their faces light up red and their eyes become glassy when they resort to their murderous hunter instinct.

Today, they cannot afford to allow Black men to gather or unite with a level of courage and confidence because it would become threat to them. Even though not one Black man has conspired to take down the white system, yet this lie lives only in the white man's paranoid little mind, they have to turn the tables quickly and place the fear they have into the hearts of Black men.

So they use media images of Black men running from the police, locked in prison cages, and now falling ill from a deadly disease in order to instill fear in them and to remind Black men that it is they who are on control. But in reality, it is they who are afraid.

6. To divide Black men: Media humiliation helps to keep Black men thinking in the wrong direction. If the white media can show Black men that other Black men are their enemy or that they are weak, they know that their image is safe. The object is to undermine the intelligence of Black men by projecting horrible acts of humanity onto Black men so they can doubt themselves and trust white men and seek for their protection.

When they see other Black men doing despicable acts against themselves, it place fears into their hearts against their own people. As long as they believe that the threat to their lives come from other Black men, they will not focus on the offenses of white men.

5. To undermine him to his family: Black men being portrayed as drug dealers, gangbangers, irresponsible deadbeat fathers, and whoremongers places a negative view of them into the minds of their women and children. Furthermore, in every area of life they can think of, the media places Black men at the bottom of the list.

Be it college graduates, successful business men, scientist, doctors, lawyers or whatever the role in society is, if the white media can flash images of white men as that and Black men as menaces, they will forever be able to corrupt the minds of their women and children. All real life heroes are white on television; and the Black men who deserve hero status are ignored or soon trashed by the media.

4. To undermine him to the world: Of course, the same rings true for the image of Black men to the rest of society. Foreigners, immigrants and even world leaders see the images of Black men on American television and they absorb the negativity planted by the white media. This is where profiling comes into play. In stores, parks, even walking down the street, other people see Black men as portrayed to them by the white media and this keeps the agenda going for all other races.

They believe the behavior of white folks (suspicion and paranoia) because they believe that no harm can come from a people who have proven day after day on the news that Black men are a threat to humanity and that they - white men - are the saviors. Once again, the white media undermines the intelligence of other people also, to fulfill their agenda.

3. To pacify white men: Black men cannot be better at anything than white men; they have to be worse. The white media will purposely distort facts (in charts and graphs) to make the crimes and misdeeds of white men look better than Black men. They will change laws, cook books, and rig polls before they reveal that white male behavior is worse.

The white media will hire Black men to talk against their own. They will literally spend money to hide their own horrid image. If they reported the true statistics of how many white men kill their families or steal from their jobs or deal drugs, they would have to admit they are wrong about Black men. If they showed just how many white men are pedophiles, rapist, drug addicts or any other disgusting behavior, they would damage their own image to the world. They cannot have that.

2. To discourage mixed relations: white men hate when their women choose Black men over them. Going back to the days of white women crying rape, (well that still happens), as long as the white media can portray Black men as dangerous, they can keep white women from choosing them.

Though they show mixed relations on television, many times it is Black women with white men and rarely the other way around. If that is not the case, they will show a Black woman without a man or a single Black mother in place of a Black man with a white woman. Take notice. This happens not only in the movies and commercials, but mostly in real life news reporting.

1. To protect his image: And last but not least, the final reason the white media loves to humiliate Black men is at the root of their psychosis. It is the white man's greatest fear and one that he will protect with his life. As stated earlier, the white man will spend millions of dollars to keep the world from knowing who he really is just to assign his own filthy image to Black men.

He will make and break Black rap artist, movie stars and athletes and then publically destroy those men and make millions of dollars doing so; he does not care what the cost is. He will lie and cheat and distort facts, data, and public opinion to spin the numbers, whether good or bad, in the direction of Black men and away from him.

He will neglect schools and build prisons just for Black men. He will starve children yet feed inmates. He will attack countries, confine humans in cages, drop bombs on innocent people and rob the public blind of their hard earned dollars just to keep his secret safe from the world. The white media will hire photographers, news reporters and Internet trolls and pay them six figures to work day in and day out from their basement to distort the image of Black men.

The white man will rewrite books, entire curricula, scientific data and reports and spend millions to do so just to lie and tell the world that Black men are worthless. He will risk the lives of poor whites, his own woman, and anyone of another color just so he looks good and the Black man looks worse.

When people become desperate enough to protect their image and not realize their fears, they will go to any extreme to do so; even if it means neglecting sleep and making a deal in darkness. No amount of facts and data has ever been collected to prove this theory but rest assured, reality says different. The white men on golf courses and behind his media have done just that.

How it backfires

They create the conditions for Black men to fail, yet they themselves end up falling into their own trap or something worse every time. The problem with their plan, and to their own ignorance, is that regardless of how much and how long they practice this experiment, the presence of Black men will never go away and the condition of white men will only continue to deteriorate.

When they killed and enslaved millions of Africans, millions of them died in world and Civil wars against each other. When they worked Blacks for free and broke up their families, their white women had to depend on Black women to feed and raise their bastard babies; and the Black population increased.

When they hung Black men in public display, photos were taken so in the future the world could see their derangement. When they sent Black men to die in Korea and Vietnam, millions of white men hide from the war revealing their cowardness. When they murdered King and Malcolm, the chickens came home to roost on JFK and other white drug attack celebrities.

When they packed Blacks into ghettos and slums and deprived them of essential needs, the white suburbs reeked of domestic violence and their divorce rates skyrocketed. (But they will never tell you that). When they distributed packs of crack cocaine throughout urban streets, destroying Black communities, cocaine, meth and other drugs turned around and killed an entire white generation. When they promoted ignorant Black rap music to Black children, white children became the most consumers.

When they blamed and injected AIDS into the blood stream of Africans and Black Americans, and then televised it to the world, homosexuality increased threefold in America and their children latched on to its lifestyle; now they marry each other. When they claimed that Black women carried the nation's largest proportion of sexually transmitted diseases, their women were aborting their babies on daily and consistent bases.

When they opened the gun market to Black gangbangers, their white children began killing their classmates. When they publically humiliated the residents of New Orleans during Katrina, hurricanes began to batter their gated and rural communities costing millions. When they spewed hateful insults toward the first Black president and his family, they received a vile reflection of themselves as their next president.

As they currently suggest that somehow Black men are the target of this new strain of virus, just know that down the road and in the near future, fate will rear its head and whatever they project onto the Black population will certainly decrease the white population by another few million. Rest easy Black America, death and destruction happens to those who abuse life the most.