The Chicago Shootings: white America's go to Lie of Deflection

Has anyone ever considered the fact that Blacks are not the ones doing the shooting in Chicago; and that it's white guys made up of white supremacist and racist police? Is Black America so trusting of American media and so gullible to believe that the Black community is this violent against their own?


By now Black America should know that anything is possible with these folks. The atrocities they have committed against not only Blacks, but other people of color in the past and to this day, are not beyond inconceivable or impossible. They have and will drop to even lower levels of murder, lying and corruption in an effort to decrease the population of people of color. They have Hispanic kids in cages for God's sake!

Their police murder for sport; their government imprisons for pleasure, and their news media reports these crimes against humanity as if they are normal; and they do it with such innocence that its hard not to believe. Stop believing the lies. Black men are NOT randomly killing people.

If this is true, why has none of the Black men doing the killings been caught and profiled in the media. Is there a gang doing the killing? Is there a particular neighborhood where the killings are taking place? Do the police know any damn thing about who could possible be doing the killing? Hell no, because it is a lie. Prove it. Show their faces, break down their gang, surround the neighborhood and publicize it on national television.

These people are liars and will never reveal the truth. White guys are riding through Black neighborhoods randomly shooting Black people and the police are allowing it to happen because they are either in on it or do not give a damn. Why have no Black cops spoken out? How come the mayor has no answers? WTF?

Every time white America faces a shameful, racist exploit; (school shooting, police brutality, celebrity scandals, capitalist corruption, an ignorant president), they never fail to deflect and resort to Chicago. In between time, there is no gun violence in Chicago but only when they are headlined as the racist, corrupt people they are.