A Political Back Story for Millennials and Beyond

As the next generation fall into place behind the Millenials, a political narrative must be given to them that will protect them against being brainwashed by alternative facts, fake news, and polarized nationalist propaganda.

Conservative think tanks and covert political groups are literally changing the history books in school systems around the country to taint truth and facts in order to indoctrinate our children to believe lies.

They have also created mainstream cable news stations that spew the same indoctrination 24/7. In addition, social media shows no mercy in feeding young adults wild conspiracy theories that seep into their minds and alter their behavior and thinking.

Below is a brief look into recent history back to the 1970s that summarizes the economic situation in America then and how it led to the inequality of today. Many parents today must explain to their young adult children why things are the way they are and on what issues to vote and how to vote, and what causes, rights and freedoms to fight for.

Post-World War II America was suffused with injustices. But corporations generally provided their workers with pensions and health insurance and kept executive salaries in reasonable proportion; expected hard bargaining with vigorous unions; and understood that a Darwinian capitalism which devalued employees was destructive to social cohesion.

Beginning in the 1970s, this model was overtaken by a model of corporate leadership - popularized by Milton Friedman - focused exclusively on maximizing shareholder value through deregulation, tax cuts, gutting unions, lowering wages, and overpaying themselves for slashing benefits and downsizing their workforce.

The result? Stunted earnings and a decline in net worth for the typical American family - a sort of socialism in reverse which redistributed income upwards and replaced corporate citizenship with shareholder sociopaths armed with disproportionate political power. Source

The summary only touches the surface of the problems America faces today but gives a concise lead-in into more expanded problems that stem from the ideologies above. In short, power has been taken from the people and given to the super wealthy.

This is why young people face job insecurity, low wages, crushing debt, and cannot seem to save to purchase a home and raise a family at the same time. The conversation should arise at the dinner table and only takes a few minutes of time to read and explain.

Kids today are smart yet they need a platform and a purpose. Logic can and will cut through the daze of video games, drug use and depression to make its way into the minds of America's future leaders.