Irrelevant News For the Fools

Local and cable news mediums report unneeded, unproductive, and irrelevant news to the nation each and every day. All the local news channels, the national cable networks, and all the print publication on and off-line, report on issues that do nothing for the actual betterment of this country or the individual.

One would suppose that 340 million people should have something in common, yet according to the agenda of national news agencies, the American public consist of foreign policy ambassadors, political groupies, Monday morning quarterbacks, criminal lawyers, and health fanatics, which are only a smokescreen of the issues that really matter.

The real issues are touched on only briefly once the heavy smoke clears from a barrage of redundant, superfluous news. Real issues are issues that touch the lives of people everyday and that additional information and support for might help in their everyday living standards. Issues such as the high cost of medical insurance, the under-education of our children, the consumer exploitation by big businesses and monopolistic public works services; the misuse of public taxes that fund the prison system, line the pockets of crocked politicians, and that mysteriously disappear when a politician is elected.

What about the biasness of the social services system against non-custodial parents and foster kids, the unequal distribution of wages in terms of race, the continued segregation of the public school system despite the laws on the books; the unreported amounts of children in poverty, the reality of homelessness (that should never be in any society). What about the unjustified cost of the surveillance state and the legal protection against legal and illegal intrusion of personal rights.

What about the Department of Motor Vehicles and their red tape and taxes, and the IRS and their un-interpretable laws. So what people smoke, so what people eat too much, what about crocked cops and lying politicians, what about supervisors having a bad day, what about rude customer service reps and incompetent management. What about thieving automobile mechanics, teachers who do not care, meter maids, and bad drivers.

Let us hear what the government is going to do about utility companies that overcharge their customers and how the government will regulate them. Let us hear about how the government will regulate the FCC and their bedfellows, Hollywood, who corrupt and brainwash the public and our children 24 hours a day, in the theaters and deep within the abyss of video games.

Tell us how the government is going to stop the racist reports and theories submitted by liberally disguised race baiters who walk the halls of America's universities teaching the coming generation how to ignore the rule of law and the natural right to life, liberty, and the true pursuit of happiness and justice. When will we hear about how the credit companies were investigated and made to reconstruct their policies and procedures of lending to only families of old wealth and certain shades of skin, and who purposely divide the country into income classes based on a score.

Explain to us how there are currently millions of people in America without health insurance and how the government has regained control over that system and foiled their schemes of so-called "Research and Development" to which supposedly raises the cost of insurance. Let us in on why minorities in America remain below the poverty line while over 80% of white Americans enjoy the fruits of the "American Dream." Why? Why do we not hear about what the government is doing about these problems?

Why must we listen and drudgedly watch media infomercials about how some rural woman feeds her family health foods and how they have lost over twenty pounds all together over the last week. Why must we hear about the couple in Anytown, who began a cat shelter because they cared about the future of the American cat and its possible extinction, for a fifteen-minute segment.

What possible relevance does a dictator 4000 miles away have to do with the reason a man is paying $280 a week in health care for his family? In what possible way does a 24-hour news story of an earthquake in Japan somewhere help me understand why there is a 90-minute wait to actually talk to someone at the bank about an over-draft fee and negative balance with no possible chance of retributions?

What is the point in hearing over and over again for 4 months about the murder of a woman by her husband, or missing white girl when there were six children killed in one neighborhood in that same four months? Who cares about a low-carb diet when at least 1 out of 20 people seen on the street has deadly STDs or a drug addiction?

Who cares about what some spoil little, spoon-fed white boy sitting behind a national camera has to say about the world when the brother down the street can tell another whose hiring? Who cares about what some skinny little white girl, who just cashed a $7000 check from her parents has to say on some commercial when the sister next door knows what's good for that arrogant teen?

So what, the president played golf today, the guy around the block just got turned down for a home mortgage because he was Black. So what, another American soldier was killed in overseas fighting for freedom, a high school buddy's son was murdered by the rival gang over some gym-shoes. Who cares that the NASDAC stock closed on the high, the drug use and gun violence on college campuses has risen at alarming rates.

Irrelevant news is no news and this is what the public is fed, irrelevant news. Get to the meat of the real issues and regulate thieving and indifferent businesses, restrict immorality in entertainment, provide for your citizens America, love hard and not pacify your children. Educate the mind, not poison the soul. Protect the worker and do away with exploitation. No wonder television ratings are dropping and the Internet is gaining momentum.

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