The New Black Migration to Blue States

Between the years of 1917 and 1970, more than six million Blacks moved from the south to the north after Reconstruction in what is known as the Great Migration. Many scholars claim economic opportunity was behind the move, but blatant and violent racism that came with the Jim Crow laws powered Blacks to leave the south to find more diversity and tolerance in the north.

Once settled in the north, Blacks found that a form of second class citizenship awaited them through housing and job discrimination. Yet this did not stop many families from carving out pockets of prosperity through education, hard work and a boom in Black entrepreneurism and entertainment.

Small Black businesses began to form in the north and grew more when Blacks stretched out further west beyond the Mississippi toward the west coast. The idea was to escape racism in its most deadly and oppressing form in the south.

Today, as the country becomes more divided from the rise of the new authoritarian leader and an assembly of Republican governors and law makers, policies and new laws have surgically pinpointed Blacks and other communities of color. Voting laws, healthcare access, policing techniques and other made-for-Black-people policies are being put into place to hurt anyone not white.

The states that are most comfortable passing new racist bills into law and policies that effect our children are mainly in Red states; states that are packed with conservative judges and convert racist police forces that patrol small municipalities and towns. Even major cities have paramilitary police forces that over-police Black communities with prosecutors and judges waiting the throw people of color into private prisons.

Black people must monitor these developments and know where these new age racists are governing and what states are giving them the power to do so. Some states that have voted Red for years seem to becoming stronger in conservative policy thus Blacks who live there should reconsider their residency.

We are a resilient people and very resourceful and one way to maintain a sense of freedom is to migrate from the Red states into the Blue ones. Not to say that the Blue states are much better where it pertains to racism, but they are known to be much more tolerant of people of color and different lifestyles.

If, as a Black person, you are comfortable living under the Red state agenda by all means remain there. Furthermore, if there are some Blacks who simply cannot afford to up and move to another state, community and online groups can be organized that are ready to help.

Think of this new migration like the sanctuary cities setup for immigrants. Blacks can organize communities that will protect other Blacks and people of color from outside forces of racist violence. We will be able to raise our children and pursue our livelihood with a sense of peace.

No one wants to live where they are not wanted and not treated with dignity.