We Know the Type of Black Men that Support Trump

Within the dark crevices of the political voting spectrum are minuscule voices crying for media attention that will never actually amount to anything except a Black reality television show; the Black, male vote for Trump. Like a bad version of the Apprentice, Internet trolls are seeking to profile and debut anyone to flip in the fight against corporate greed and white male privilege; and Black men are their targets.

In a recent poll, roughly 24 percent of black men polled by WSJ/NBC approve of Trump's efforts while in office (72 percent of black men disapprove). This is a desperate attempt by the media to drum up a new propaganda narrative to turn Black men into snitches and infiltrators of the Black race.

In a flat-out nutshell, Black men who support Trump are equivalent to the lowest of white men who support Trump; literally, white men who reign from trailer parks, wrestling arenas', and ignored suburban garages; the men who embrace machoism, egotism, and male dominance over society. Many also resemble the other face of white male supporters; the cut-throat business tycoon concerned more about profits than humanity. These men are the men who pretend.

They pretend to be strong fathers, community leaders and bootstrap pragmatist but are culturally lost in a time warp of materialistic waste and grander illusions of the high life, control of human chattel, and self-righteous property ownership. Even more disgusting are the Black face, Black men who are likened to nostalgically delusional rappers from the late 90s comparing their crack sale profits to the worth of Donald Trump when they thought he was the poster boy of wealth.

Morally bankrupt these guys are; mistaking draconian foreign and domestic policy for caring and hardcore fiscal responsibility, while ignoring the plight of the poor and capitalisms' victims of ruin. They are the guys who thought they would get a car from Trump after he was elected. They thought they would get a job with him (while everyone else knew damn well Trump don't hire Black men), and they would walk the fruited plains looking like Trump.

These are foolish men; men who have lost their way on the road to Black Liberation. They actually think the white man can be reasoned with and inclusive even after all the years of marginalization and repudiation he has shown toward Black men and his women and children. In fact, they would prefer white women and children to their own. They kiss ass, lick boots, and shuffle and jive when they think they will be noticed.

A real Black man can see through the bull. He knows where the struggle is and remains steadfast in defending his women and children; his liberation and if necessary his life. If there are any Black men in your area that support Donald Trump, memorize this and treat that man accordingly