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  1. Black Activist Advocate for the Brotha's, then turn Around and Call Each Other Nigga's
  2. When Racism and Social Justice Collide: A Critical Race Theory
  3. Black America Need to Rise above Politics and Reach for Sovereignty
  4. The News Media is Intensifying Racism, Fear, Political Division and War
  5. A Movement Toward Black Nationalism

"In 2016, God allowed the rise of an anti-Christ like being to emerge from the historical dust of American racism." Read more


  1. The Adolescence of white Intellect and Social Development
  2. Uniting the whites Against the World


  1. BABA (Black American Basketball Association)
  2. Solutions for the Black Economy


  1. 7 Ways whites Have Brainwashed Blacks without using Religion
  2. The Case for Black Private School Segregation
  3. The History of Systemic Racism (CRT)


  1. Foolish Pride has Fortified a Stiffnecked Generation
  2. White Men are Destroying the Foundation of their Beloved Country


  1. The Plot to Emasculate the Black Man
  2. Killing James: The 30 Year War on the Black Family
  3. The Child Support System is Unnecessary and Illogical

Common sense says that more guns equal more murders and shooting, not less... Read more


  1. America's Problems are not real; they are Psychosomatic
  2. Willful Ignorance Diminishes Understanding
  3. Today, and the History of Racial Deprivation: A Critical Race Theory
  4. Fighting Back Against Illness, Disease, and the Pharmaceutical Drug War


  1. God has Exposed, and is Now Destroying White Supremacy
  2. Afromerica Rest Its Case: Black America is not the Problem

Life Culture

  1. Irrelevant News For the Fools
  2. The Cowards Behind America's Gun Culture
  3. Born and Raised by Corporate America: How Capitalism Defiled American Morality and the Family


  1. Lose is Win, Fascism is Patriotic, Slavery is Christian: The Reprobate Minds of American Citizens
  2. How to Maintain Sanity and Truth in a Land of Legal Lies
  3. Divide the Child: A Peaceful Solution to America's Internal Conflicts


  1. What if God Takes Responsibility for the Virus?

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