ain't but one of me

and i probably aint goin' nowhere anytime soon

The sun set on summer time and the fall eased in right nice and slow. Take downs, break downs, drive-bys and many guys went down under the guns of the east side. The streets hollered for relief and the grief of the people that fell to the rock were searching and looking but things were getting raw. The crews threw down and some came back around and stood, waiting for the chance to advance the game; no second chance. Darker skies were on the rise and no heat beat the streets. Inside all the time hid out from all the crime and then hands went out but here came the shout to stop with the checks and the government loving. Rally cries and then more guys and then more mothers and fathers heard the word that would make things right all the while talking about the struggle and the fight for our own; our minds and our will to live and to forgive those who ran behind our backs with the crack and the smack and all the crazy whacked out visions.

Another year and another brother and another sister got fed by the thinking heads who talked up the take down of the man wearing the city crown. He passed away and they say he never could and we never would but we did because we should, have what was already ours. It was cool. It was all cool when the clouds parted and the heat started and we saw new faces change places with a new craze. A strange way to clean the fiend became a thing and we needed to sing. We did. We sang.

the sun don't rise

your world is turning

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Book 1 Excerpt

The Hood and Humphrey Lawson

The story of a young, government-project thug whose view of life was molded by his environment...

1 Down CD 7


"Untouchable is our latest CD. It's smooth, it's real, and it's Untouchable when it comes to the feeling it gives."

Book 4 Excerpt

Callin' Shots

The community of Perryville and the struggles the residences face are featured in this series as they fight against corruption and gang violence.

1 Down CD 6

Random Jive

A stimulating mixture of neo-soul brings our 6th CD Random Jive to life. Peppered with contemporary and smooth jazz, mellowed, back in the day rhythm and blues.

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