News Update - Democracy Hypocrisy, Legalized Drugs and...

(Afro Times) - A few headline stories that show the deep, dark level of hypocrisy God has revealed in America in the last few months.

Lies Have Fractured America: A Nation Divided Cannot Stand

(Afromerica) - The irony in the name United States of America cannot be clearer. America is far from united. In fact, it has entered...

How 'FREE' became a Dirty Word in Capitalist America

(Afromerica) - Phrases such as "free handouts", "entitlements", and "nothing is free," have become common terms drilled into the minds...

The US Would Lose a War with Iran; On Many Levels

Going to actual war with Iran would be a huge mistake and the first real war the United States has fought since Vietnam.

White Men are Destroying the Foundation of their Own Country

The Constitution is not as immutable as it has been proclaimed.